welsh rugby grand slam 2012

irene rugbyI have been persuaded (by my wife!) to complete the welsh rugby hat trick with an acrylic painting of the winning team.  I will be working on the drawings soon, unsure whether to pick out a few key players or do a team shot? It will look nice on the wall with the other 2 paintings previously of the grand slams.  I do kind of try and balance it out in the house with a few england rugby paintings from my other series. If you haven’t gathered by now we do have a nice english/welsh rivalry in the household when it comes to supporting rugby teams. Although when it comes to painting it really doesn’t matter who the team is, I love the art of sport, whether that be rugby, football or golf!Image


About andyquelchcountryartist

Andy Quelch is a native of the West Country. He studied Art at Lincoln and then Kingston upon Thames, gaining a degree in Illustration. He has worked for many years as a freelance Illustrator, with many of the top publishing houses as his clients, but his real passion is with his own paintings of animals and landscapes. For the past few years Andy has produced a series of works of country scenes and animal studies that have become very popular at the game fairs and country shows where he exclusively shows his work. All the pictures are based on his own reference material and studies, and he spends most of his spare time visiting Hunts and Shoots, and scouring the countryside for inspiration.The seeds of this interest in ‘country’ subjects were sown when he started beating at his local shoot. He was intrigued and excited about this new visual treasure trove and has not looked back since. Painting largely in Oils, but also with Pastel and Acrylic, Andy creates atmospheric and beautifully crafted works that he hopes capture the essence of his subject, whether it be a portrait of a Jack Russell Terrier, or a gathering of riders at a hunt.
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